The world's population grows relentlessly concentrating in urban areas, and increasingly depending on the comforts of progress. All this contributes to increased demand for food, energy and all other limited natural resources. At the same time this growth adds significant pressure on the environment. Modern biotechnology is a tool that can help meet the challenge that this growth poses.

Enzymes produced by modern biotechnology contribute to the effort to replace aggressive chemical processes and increase performance in some essential developments for human life:

  • Increase in the efficiency of food production.
  • Reduction of pesticide use.
  • Reduction of water and raw material consumption in power generation.
  • Industrial waste reduction.
  • Pollution remediation.
  • Medical therapies


BENIZALO is a revolutionary biotechnology that takes advantage of the natural microbial functionality of the enzyme containing both; (SOD) Superoxide Dismutase and the Catalase, which provides a significant acceleration of the biochemical frequency. This is achieved through the improvement of the kinetic velocity of a wide range of enzymes. As such, BENIZALO can be considered a technology within the specialization of proteomics.

Benizalo is a powerful technology that accelerates natural biochemical reactions to thousands and hundreds of thousands of their normal rate. The combination of the four core capabilities of BENIZALO, make BENIZALO a technological platform of immense value in environmental management and human and animal health.



BENIZALO is created from a human-friendly active microbial combination in a multi-stage manufacturing process that converts them into beneficial enzymes and super catalysts. It is a 100% natural organic process that substitutes aggressive chemicals in many applications. The enzyme rapidly digests waste products such as fats, proteins, carbohydrates and cellulose in its final compounds of carbon dioxide, nitrogen gas, oxygen, water and heat energy.

In-vivo: this technology completes the digestion processes and eliminates toxins and waste products providing a systemic benefit. In addition the ability to quickly break a wide range of waste products means that BENIZALO can help in different clinical situations.

There is virtually no biological process that cannot be improved with BENIZALO.


  • 100% organic
  • 100% biodegradable
  • They are not toxic, chemical or pathogenic
  • 100' to 1000 times more effective than other similar products
  • Very fast action
  • They are operative in low doses
  • Economic
  • Harmless to humans and the environment
  • They help with some of the biggest and most persistent problems of this society such as health, sanitation/water treatment and sustainable energy production.


Benizalo has application in the following areas:



This enzyme was identified in a research project in the mangroves of the Gulf of Thailand. The contribution and resources of a Japanese company for over 20 years, leads to new levels of technological research, managing to develop a highly purified form of BENIZALO that can be applied in products for human health.


BENIZALO is a revolutionary microbial technology that consists of three beneficial bacteria and two yeasts that act in symbiosis in the creation of enzymes. BENIZALO is formulated from 11 pure strains of active ingredients that are preserved in certified biological stores in the US. These are then grown and fermented in a multi-stage process with a specially developed combination of bio-vitamins and bio-minerals.

BENIZALO is available in 3 different ways:

A. BENIZALO Powder.  The active microbial formulations used in environmental management, cleaning and animal health.

B. BENIZALO Food Grade A formulation that is further fermented to contain a high level of enzymes, super catalase and metabolites, but not active microbial.

C. BENIZALO Cosmetic Food grade with a protective cellulose coating that allows the product to be stored in solution with mechanical activation.


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The 5 microbes

Pediococcus pentosaceus (bacteria, Bio-safety Level 1)

Pediococcus acidilactici (bacteria, Bio-safety Level 1)

Bacillus subtilis (bacteria, Biosafety Level 1)

Dekkera anomala (yeast, Biosafety Level 1)

Pichia farinosa (yeast, Biosafety Level 1)